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How is TheComposersToolshed.com different from other online music stores?

Here at The Composer’s Toolshed, we seek to supplement existing music stores, not to replace them. Music on our site is often contemporary, sometimes experimental, and always exciting. While most online music stores feature standard instrumentation, predictable chord progressions, and stale rhythms, we seek to expand the scope of band repertoire. We incorporate advanced harmonic techniques, twelve tone systems, polyrhythms, contemporary music styles, asymmetrical forms, and exotic orchestrational techniques in a manner easily accessible to the student musician. We believe that the only thing separating student ensembles from a professional sound is the quality of their music and the ambition of their musical directors.

When I purchase a score, will I be mailed a hard copy?

We do not currently offer hard copies. If we did, our prices would rise substantially.

Does Nick do clinics or private lessons?

Nick is available for clinics on arranging, composing, improvisation, and saxophone/woodwind playing. Due to his schedule he does not currently keep a private lesson studio, but does offer individual Skype lessons. All requests should go through Nick@TheComposersToolshed.com. Any clinic requests should be scheduled several months in advance.

Can I get a custom made score for my ensemble?

Absolutely! Contact our composer at Nick@TheComposersToolshed and include some basic information about what you are looking for in the piece. He’ll respond with pricing info and his availability to do the composition. For arrangements of copyrighted music, be sure to contact him well in advance as the legal issues involved are sometimes complex and can sometimes take months to sort out.

What if I lose my digital copies?

Contact us at Support@TheComposersToolshed.com. Include information about who you are, when you made your purchase, and which item you purchased.

What if I am unable to download or access purchased scores?

Contact us at Support@TheComposersToolshed.com. If we are unable to remedy the situation, you may be eligible for a full refund at our discretion, as per our Refund Policy.

Why can’t I pay using a check or credit card?

Our online store does not currently support check or credit card purchases. As our site grows, we intend to offer more payment options. If you wish to make a purchase but are unable to use a Paypal account, contact Support@TheComposersToolshed.com.