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Football Teams in Russian Federation

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In today’s Russia soccer is the most prominent game in the country. Lots of people take an active part in supporting their much-loved teams, and many children really enjoy playing it at an amateur level. Russian football has an enlightening history, where the first clubs were already establishing in the pre-revolution time. During the course of the Soviet times the sport was at its glory days: the soviet team was assumed to be one of the most powerful competitors in the world. In the Soviet era football teams belonged to state-owned corporations or institutions, such as universities. During the fall of the soviet government these clubs were privatised like anything else in the country. Football has a large following in Russia, and it is no surprise that an increasing number of Russian football clubs blow up on a worldwide stage. Even though it is true that Russian soccer industry is only experiencing a modest reputation overseas today, it is getting to be apparent that more and more individuals from other nations are getting interested in it, and so should you.

Russia’s oldest football club is situated in Moscow and is currently playing in the Russian Football National League. It was originally established as a factory team. Its motto “Power in movement ” was proposed by a famed soviet author and its blue and white colours are broadly recognised by the Russian people. In the recent years, it was bought by a successful Russian businessman Alexey Fedorychev, a sports lover. Even though it is a Russian club, it has a number of foreign players, including ones from Montenegro, Sweden and Australia.

Did you know that the Soviet armed force had its own football team? The still active soccer team was the authorized team of the red army during the communist era. The team was composed of military men and it has enjoyed its most prosperous time shortly after the second World War, when it obtained five titles in six seasons. They are also recognized by their nickname “Horses” stemming from the fact that their home stadium was built on the location of an old hippodrome. Currently it is owned by a Russian businessman Evgeniy Giner, a co-owner of an energy company. The official colours of the team have altered over the years, presently returning to the authentic blue and red.

St. Petersburg’s greatest and most renowned soccer club has its origins in the first ever football game played in the then Imperial Russia’s capital. The original team was comprised of a few of the players who participated in that first match. The club has replaced the name and ownership a few times during the Soviet Union up until finally it was privately purchased after the fall of the regime, and is now run by a company of which Alexey Miller is the CEO.

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