Habanera from Carmen for Flute or Saxophone Quartet


A total of 6 arrangements:

2 for Flute Quartet (in C and in Eb)

4 for Saxophone Quartet (SATB/AAAA/AAAT/AATB)

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Product Description

The Habanera is one of the most recognizable works ever produced. This fun series of arrangements is a great value, with a total of 6 scores: 2 for flute quartet (in C minor and in Eb minor) and 4 for saxophone quartet (SATB/AAAA/AAAT/AATB)

The flute quartet arrangement in C is great for younger ensembles ready to stretch their lower range to low C. It features simple chromaticism and a combination of dotted rhythms with eighth note triplets, which makes it ideal for a choir of 4th, 5th, and/or 6th year students. Because not every young flutist can speak well in their lower range, there is an optional cello or piano accompaniment which fills out the sound for performance purposes.

The arrangement in Eb is identical, but is recommended instead for advanced students ready for seven flats. It’s also ideal for professional ensembles looking for a simple, but popular work to add to their repertoire. There is no need for accompaniment, thanks to the higher range.

The four sax quartet arrangements are all unique. It’s common to find SATB arrangements with an “optional” Alto I part transposed directly from the Soprano part. Such scores are usually clumsy and poorly voiced for the transposition. Instead, each quartet arrangement in this package is revoiced to put both melody and harmony in a comfortable speaking range. All the scores are accessible to 4th, 5th, and/or 6th students.

Sample Files Available

Flute Quartet in C minor SCORE

Flute Quartet in Eb minor SCORE

Sax Quartet (AAAA) SCORE



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